unrar (extract files from RAR archives)

When you need to unpack a RAR archive, unrar is the way to go. Such archives typically consist of multiple files. The files may end in .part01.rar, .part02.rar, or .r00, .r01, etc. To view the contents of a RAR archive, invoke unrar like this:

unrar l arch.r00

You do not have to run unrar on the first part of the archive, you may specify any other part, e.g. arch.r26. The program will figure out which files belong to the archive.

You can unpack a RAR archive like this:

unrar x arch.r00

Again, you can run unrar on any part of the archive. Note that the options l and x are used without dashes, because unrar treats them as command names (l invokes unrar's “list” command, x is for “extract”). Use the rar command, which is similar in use to unrar, to create a RAR archive.